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Anchel Gadinger


Anchel Gadinger is a registered professional architect, with more than 7 years post-graduate experience both locally and internationally with a keen ability to design large scale masterplanning projects and to manage inter-disciplinary consultant teams.  In London (UK), whilst working for Sprunt she worked on the development of housing estate with 980 units for the Barratt Housing Group.  Other projects for Mc Bains Cooper include feasibility & scoping study for the Thames Gateway Development Agency which within the team of consultants, included Life cycle costing.


In Cape Town, whilst working for Makeka design lab, she was part of the joint venture team with Stauch Vorster & Van der Merwe Miszewski who won the CTICC conceptual design competition.


More recently, in Middelburg, her focus has shifted to commercial and industrial building projects such as e’Mhluzi Mall, as Principal Consultant; and workshops for Zizwe mining group.


Anchel is also passionate about community development projects and is closely involved with design projects for the St Peter development Foundation.